We are a group of technology enthusiasts who have created VPNGarden to help people learn more about security and technology. On VPNGarden.com you will find tutorials on how to use new and exciting technology solutions that we have personally tested to make your daily life easier and safer.

Our team has been working hard to gather, review and recommend top-notch service providers in the cloud services industry, VPN services, hosting providers, and many more to show you real-life results.

When evaluating a technology and security providers we take into account different factors, the most important of which are speed, security, ease of use, customer service and other similar factors.

We have no interest in any particular service, and we do not publish paid content. Our revenue comes from a commission from the provider regardless of your purchase, which allows us to be truly independent.

We hope we can help you make better use of your devices and find the best service for you. Good luck in your search.

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Our team of experts

Andrew Walker

Cybersecurity Expert

Andrew Walker has 9 years of experience in cybersecurity issues. He has studied over 50 aspects of cybersecurity and data privacy. Andrew understands the complexity of this environment and strives to find ways to help reduce emerging cyber risks and improve the security of the internet.

Raphaël Dubois

Technical Developer

Raphaël Dubois is our technical programmer. His passion for technology and his expertise in programming helps our websites work flawless and Raphaël’s expertise in analyzing security issues is an incredible skills to help our audience get the best advice in security.

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