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Best Free VPN Services, Reviewed in 2022

In this article you will find everything you need to know about the best free VPN services, their performance and capabilities. What they offer you as a user, the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular options on the market today.

There is a good reason why free VPN services do not have a cost associated with them and can be used for free: Since you will end up paying one way or another. You deserve much more than a limited amount of transfer data, annoying advertising and very dangerous malware.

We tested over 50 free VPN services finding 6 that will give you better speed, a superior streaming experience and security you can trust.

Which free VPN to use? With the rise of unrestricted browsing, the demand for free VPN services is noticeably on the rise and so is the need for accurate information. Here are the details you need to know in order to choose the best free VPN on the market.

How to choose the best free VPN service

The aspects you should take into account when evaluating and downloading a free VPN service are as follows:

  • Encryption: The capacity and strength of the encryption that the VPN service offers you is crucial for your security. It should be at least AES 256 bit based, which represents today’s best standard to ensure that you will be protected from hackers or government surveillance.
  • Ability to bypass geographic restrictions: This feature is key and highly sought after today. It allows you to bypass access restrictions to different content and resources located on the Internet based on your geographic location. This is a highly valued feature for Netflix and on-demand content service users.
  • Privacy policies: The privacy and identity protection policies of the companies providing the VPN service, regardless of whether you are accessing a free VPN version online, are fundamental for the company’s commitment to keeping your personal data and activity logs completely private.
  • Connection speed and stability: Your browsing experience is directly related to the connection speed and stability that the different servers that make up the VPN service chosen offer you. These will allow you greater efficiency and speed the faster the servers are and the better located they are throughout the world. Services with few servers that do not have a presence on all 5 continents will certainly not offer the best browsing experience.

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN – The hidden costs you should be aware of

Basically any VPN service that offers a free version of its service falls into one of the following two categories.

  • Limited VPN services, also known as Freemiun VPN.
  • Free and Unlimited VPN Services

But be warned, this is not as easy and tempting as it sounds. Unlimited free von services have hidden costs that you can ignore, these services generally monetize by selling your data to advertising companies and are plagued by annoying advertisements during your browsing. There is even a notable exposure to malicious software.

On the other hand, the limited versions or Freemiun are a trial version of their paid alternatives. So you will have free access to a reduced number of servers and also your browsing speed will be limited with the intention that you try the service and decide to opt for the paid Premiun version.

This alternative is much safer and will not expose you to unnecessary risks nor will your personal data be sold.

Can I watch Netflix with a free VPN?

Some free VPNs claim and promise to be useful for Netflix but many will not actually allow you to access Netflix and those more serious ones that will allow you to access geo-blocked Netflix content because of your location will be very slow as they limit your connection speed because you are a free user. Keep in mind that many free vpn alternatives put your data security at risk.

List of 100% Totally Free VPN services

As we have advanced you, after numerous tests on more than 50 VPN services we bring you our conclusion and suggestion of the 6 VPN services that are really worth trying and that are the best alternative you can find for a free VPN.

1. Hola VPN

This alternative has grown in popularity in recent years and is appreciated by certain users, but its operation and logic are notably different from the rest of the companies that offer Virtual Private Network services. Hola VPN routes all of its users’ traffic through them and does not use its own servers, which provides greater flexibility in terms of locations but compromises security.

Although its use and design are easy and simple, it is not a preferred alternative for users who prioritize their security when surfing the Internet.


  • Acceptable speed
  • Ease of use


  • Routes traffic through its users.
  • Low security standards

2. ProtonVPN Free

This service is offered by the most recognized company in the industry due to its strict security standards and strong internal policies that ensure the utmost privacy for its customers.
In its free version ProtonVPN Free offers an outstanding and renowned service.

This provider never incorporates advertisements in its services and although the network it accesses is limited and does not have access to the best servers, its browsing speed is medium to high and the distribution of servers worldwide is unbeatable. It offers a user interface of excellent design and very easy to implement on any device regardless of the operating system used.

Also not many alternatives offer unlimited data traffic.


  • Average browsing speed that is more than sufficient for typical use.
  • Wide device compatibility
  • No invasive advertising or activity tracking
  • Best encryption on the market
  • No customer activity logging policy
  • Unlimited data traffic


  • Only 1 device in the free version
  • No P2P activity possible
  • Only 3 locations to choose from

3. HotSpot Shield Free VPN

This alternative for a free vpn is one of our favorites as it offers you a transfer and browsing of up to 500 Mb per day which represents 15 Gbytes of traffic per month for a free user.

Its security level is very good in relation to the industry standard. It also has an easy to use interface ideal for novice users who do not have great experience in this type of services or technology in general.

The aspect we like the least is that the free version will show some advertisements and its installation is not easy, in fact I found it a bit complicated, something that the company should improve to attract more users.


  • Speed up to 500 Mb per day
  • Easy to use
  • Acceptable security
  • Stable connection
  • Wide operating system compatibility


  • Difficult and impractical to install
  • Displays advertisements
  • Must enter a credit card to use the free version

4. Hide.me

Another attractive option with a monthly limit of 10 Gbytes and a limitation on the available network servers. This free VPN option offers users a good connection speed for general use and outstanding connection stability.

Its design is very convenient and its installation does not involve any major complications.

During the entire usage of the free version Hide.me does not display any advertisements but it is limited to a single device and the locations from which it can be selected are also restricted.


  • Up to 10 Gbytes of traffic per month
  • Servers on 4 continents
  • Strong encryption
  • Acceptable connection speed


  • Limited to only 1 device
  • Limited to only 5 locations

5. RusVPN

RusVPN is an option for users who prioritize average performance but who care about an extremely easy and simplified design with an installation and implementation that is not difficult at all.

On the other hand, the service offers limited browser extensions and an average browsing speed which is fine for some users and will be poor for others.
Stability is acceptable and the server network is not the largest of all.


  • Acceptable speed
  • Broad compatibility
  • Easy to install
  • Design oriented to novice users


  • Only offers extensions for Mozilla and Chrome in its free version.

6. NordVPN

This company has the best reputation among users and this is not in vain. It offers a network of servers of excellent speed, in fact it is the service that according to our tests has measured as the fastest in terms of connection. This is not surprising given the generous amount of servers offered to its free customers. In addition, encryption based on 256-bit technology guarantees the highest security for its users.

NordVPN brings to the free VPN market an unbeatable option based on speed, security and ease. This is why it is our favorite.


  • Average browsing speed that is more than sufficient for typical use.
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Easy to use and manage
  • Easy installation
  • Acceptable speed
  • Excellent stability
  • Military-grade encryption offering the highest security
  • Fastest of all options
  • Number of servers available


  • Technical support is not a priority for free users


To enjoy free and secure browsing, you should opt for a serious and reliable VPN service, based on a wide and fast network of servers that will ensure fast, free and anonymous browsing, whether for traditional use, for consuming Netflix content or for work or personal finance tasks that require the highest and best security standards backed by a company with strong and solid policies to protect the privacy of its customers.