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How to Recover Forgotten Badoo Password

If you want a social site where you can make new friends and date with someone, then Badoo is a perfect option for you. Badoo, founded in 2006, is a dating-focused social networking website where you can make new friends and date with someone.

Badoo is headquartered in Soho, London and most popular in Spain, France, Italy, and Latin America. In addition, Badoo is available in different languages such as English, Spanish, German, Japanese, Italian etc.

Further, users can create an account on Badoo to become a member of Badoo community. Once, a user is registered then he/she can log in his/her account for dating.

Since, today in this world we are more social than ever in the past as we have internet which connects us across nations. Also, we have many social networking sites which connects our friends and relatives with us.

So, most of us have multiple accounts on various social networking sites. Thus, we have to remember passwords for our social accounts. In such a case when we have to remember lots of passwords then it may be mind boggling to remember a single password.

So, if you have forgotten Badoo password then here are the steps to recover forgotten Badoo password.

Recover forgotten Badoo password on PC

  • Open password reset page: First click on this Forgot Password Link then visit Badoo reset password page.
  • Get a new password: Once you visit the page then enter your email which you use with Badoo and fill the captcha to receive reset code. Finally click on the ‘Get new password’ button.
  • Confirmation: After this you’ll receive an email with instructions and code to reset your Badoo password.
  • Reset your Badoo password: After you receive the password reset mail then open it and click on the link in it.
  • Note: If you can’t find the mail then check for it in spam or junk mails folder. If it still not found, then repeat the steps again.
  • Change your password: Now change your password. First enter a new password then enter the new password again for confirmation.
  • You’re done your password has been reset.

Reset password using your smartphone

  • First run the Badoo app on your smartphone.
  • After this now go to the Sign In page. Find a blue button titled “Other options” from the bottom of the screen then tap on it. Now a pop-up should appear tap on the third option from the pop-up which says “Sign in,”.
  • Now choose “Forgot password?” You will find a box on the next page with some information on top of the box and below “Forgot password?”. Read the instruction and accordingly provide your email or phone number in the box.
  • After providing the required information now start changing your password.
  • For this click on the “Create new password” button.
  • Once you click on the button then after a few seconds you’ll receive an email in the email you entered for resetting your password.
  • Now check your email account to find the email sent to you by Badoo and open the mail.
  • After you open your email account then look for the new mail in your inbox sent you by Badoo. Find the link sent named “Change my password” in the email sent you by Badoo to reset password and click on the link. It’ll redirect you to the password reset page.
  • Note: If you can’t find the mail then check spam or junk mails to find the mail. Also, if it’s still not found then wait for some hours. After that repeat the procedure.Now a new page will appear and with two boxes. Enter your new password in the first box and then enter your password again in the second box for confirmation.
  • Finally, click on the “Change password” button.
  • Your password has been changed now.