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How to Recover Forgotten Pandora Password

Pandora Internet Radio or Pandora Radio or just Pandora is an online radio service which helps in music streaming. In addition, it has an automated music recommendation service which is powered Music Gnome Project. Further, Pandora Media Inc. is operating the service and is available only in New Zealand, Australia, and the US. Users can listen to musical selections of a genre based on selection of artist by users.

So, Pandora is a best platform to stream your favorite songs in addition, users can provide their feedbacks on songs. Moreover, you can create an account on Pandora and then use the service to listen to songs of your favorite music artists.

Procedure for recovering forgotten Pandora password

Generally, users have multiple social accounts on sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. meanwhile users also have to remember passwords for other accounts such as Pandora account.

So, remembering so many passwords might be troublesome and hence it may be mind boggling for users. Thus, in such a case users end up forgetting their Pandora account passwords or mixing up the things together.

If you are facing such a case and have forgotten your Pandora password, then here is the solution for you. So, read here to know how you can recover forgotten Pandora password.

Reset your password on your mobile phone

If you have Pandora mobile app installed on your phone and you have forgotten your Pandora password, then reset your password as per following instructions:

  • First launch the Pandora app on your mobile phone.
  • Further, click on the option of Forgotten Password found below the Pandora sign in fields.
  • Now after this enter your email address that you use with your Pandora account.
  • Once you enter your email address in the appropriate filed then reset your Pandora password by either entering the code sent to you on your email or just click the link sent in mail.
  • After this provide the new password when it asks during the reset procedure and then compete the procedure by just following the further instructions on the screen.

Reset your Pandora Password on a PC

Visit Pandora help page www.pandora.com/account/help. Then follow the instructions below:

  • Once the help page is opened now enter the email address you use to log in to your Pandora account.
  • Now after you enter the email address you will receive an email consisting of reset password link. Open the mail and click on the link to reset your password.

Notice: If you can’t find the reset mail then check it on your junk or Spam mails.