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TunnelBear VPN, Updated in 2022

TunnelBear VPN is the US-based VPN software. It is the highest speed VPN provider that operates servers in more than twenty locations. It is one of the best and reliable security solution that comes up with unique features like automatic kill switch and high-end encryption. The amazing VPN software comes with unique features with a friendly interface. It is easy to use choice for those people having little tech knowledge. This is an excellent editor choice because of its reliable features.

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TunnelBear has been providing services since servers. Their cheapest plan starts at $/mo. Based on longterm testing, our rating for TunnelBear is 7.5.

Pros and Cons


  • Suitable for inexperienced users
  • Free monthly plan
  • Easy and simple to install
  • Stable connections
  • Excellent speed
  • Very good data encryption


  • No online chat system or phone number
  • You cannot select the security protocol to use
  • Free membership only has 500mb of browsing space
  • Only has servers in approximately 20 countries

Our Review

VPN is a safe source that saves your data from thieves by using phony networks. It secures your real identity when someone going to browse the Web. The free public WiFi at the cafeteria and public library are easy to use but a risky one. Some malefactors may affect the performance of your traffic. Your network may be the malefactor for your traffic. To combats with this situation, a reliable and effective solution is required in the form of a Virtual Private Network.

When this VPN software is active, it will help you to route your traffic with the help of VPN services. Phony networks and data thieves will never touch or steal your data.

People who are living in an area with some restrictive policies of the internet may find VPN the best solution forever. With the help of a VPN, you can easily unblock those websites that are region-locked like Netflix movies or some sporting events.

It can access those content and spoof your location. It comes with user-friendly apps as well as a browser extension. TunnelBear VPN offers a free plan of about 500 MB data. A high-speed connection is very important for the VPN user. Normally you may also suffer some speed issue when you are connected with a VPN.

About TunnelBear

TunnelBear is the provider o both paid and free VPNs. It has a strict no-logging policy, The privacy policy of the VPN is clear. The tunnel Bear will never collect, log and store the following personal information of the clients:

  • DNS queries while connected to a network
  • IP addresses of the visited website
  • IP addresses on service connection
  • Any information regarding websites, applications, and services used by the customer while connected to this VPN.

Pricing and servers

Tunnelbear offers both free and paid services to its customers. TunnelBear offers 2-paid subscription plans. One is 1-month and the other is a 1-year option. The monthly plan costs only $9.99 while the annual session comes at $4.17 per month.

Teams of the TunnelBear gives amazing and more favorable subscription options with the prices begin from $207 per year.

Payment is usually made by Bitcoin and credit cards. Bitcoin is the only option if you are buying the annual plan for our program.

With a free or paid account, you can easily use it with five devices with the help of a single account.

TunnelBear doesn’t offer any refunds. So, you will never get a feature of the money-back guarantee. So, if you want to check the credibility of a VPN, simply use the free version.

At the start, there were only nine countries with the TunnelBear server with time. TunnelBear VPN expands and in 2018, 23countries use TunnelBear. The serve of Tunnel bear is located in:

  • Oceania (Australia)
  • South America (Brazil)
  • North America (Mexico, Canada, USA)
  • Asia (Singapore, Japan, Hongkong, and India)
  • Europe ( France, Netherland, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark)

The diverse server network allows the subscribers to bypass all kinds of restrictions of certain countries.

TunnelBear offers a small range of server networks. It is amazingly noticeable in Canada and the United States.

There are many server locations in Canada and the US that you choose by you in every VPN. But TunnelBear doesn’t offer you so many choices. So, you can only connect to the US in the VPN client.

Some we can say that for the whole of North America, the users of TunnelBears users only have three choices of server:

  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • United States

After my test review, I noticed that the servers of the US are located in California while in Toronto, Canada server should be.

Your Privacy with TunnelBear

TunnelBear offers amazing privacy with the help of AES-256 encryption, IKEv2, and OpenVPN. These can be used in both iOS and windows interchangeably and activated to see who will first connect.

TunnelBear us the global company. It comes with a physical server that is located in different countries across the globe. It doesn’t store any personal data of clients outside.
Whenever clients create or update their user account, then VPN store and collect the account data.

You can trust TunnelBear for many reasons. First is that the VPN makes 100% of the paid subscriptions.

Hands-On With TunnelBear

TunnelBear offers the best features of client software for iOS, Android devices, macOS and windows. The plugins offer you the best VPN protection on any device which runs easily on the associated browser.

For testing purposes, we installed an app named as “TunnelBear iPhone app” on our Apple iPhone SE. It installed immediately and was ready to go for further procedure.

The user interface of TunnelBear is perfect than VPN limited and NordVPN. It comes with tunnels sticking-out of the ground that identifies server location. It also comes with trees, mountains, and shrubs that add a more interesting and amazing look. You need to tap on the tunnel and confirm your wish to connect. You may hear some bear sounds, so turn off. Animated bear tunnels indicate the current locations while roaring may indicate your further success.

You need to choose the desired location from the list. We hope you will enjoy the amazing features of TunnelBear.

You can easily set the tunnel bear VPN to manage the traffic of your phone Wifi. It uses IKv2 protocol that is never the option instead of IPSec. Apple required extreme vetting for the app which wants to use the OpenVPN. It does not use OpenVPN in Windows, Android and macOS apps. OpenVPN is a perfect choice for most of the users.

How does Tunnelbear work?

TunnelBear us the world number one and easy to use VPN used by both teams and consumers.

It works by securing the connection of the internet with the help of encrypted tunnel to the required location across the world. It can be easily used to secure individual and privacy. It is a perfect way to hide the real network IP address and perfectly experience the internet.

TunnelBear VPN is a simple app that can easily encrypt data and web browsing. It makes your Public wifi secure and safe. It is the best way to keeps all your browsing private from the ISPs. Advertisers and websites will have a more difficult time tracking physical location. It makes browsing safe and secures across the internet.

How to uninstall TunnelBear?

Are you looking for the question that how to installing TunnelBear? then this page will offer you great instruction on this topic.

TunnelBear cannot be easily uninstalled because of many issues. If you install the Tunnelbear incompletely, then you may suffer many problems. So, it is important to completely install the tunnel bear along with its files.

During the uninstall or removal process of the program, the system gives you the option to delete all the leftover registry and all files and folder associated with the program. In any situation, users don’t use this option so they have the leftover files which act as debris. It will remain in your computer system and have to search manually to remove the debris completely for further procedure.

TunnelBear pricing, plans, and facts

TunnelBears’s plans and pricing are very simple and easy to use. It is always better to watch some free option as it is the best way to test any app and service. The bandwidth that you can use in the month is only 500 MBs.

The giant plan is the first plan that runs for you only for $9.99 per month with unlimited data.

Grizzly is the biggest plan which is known as the annual plan. You will have to pay $59.99 for about12months with unlimited VPN services.

Each of the plans that buy by you is ready to give you fully protected surfing. So, if you are the one looking to offer the TunnelBear VPN download option, then it will be a perfect time for you. It is a perfect VPN that covers the need for your family and company. This VPN brand is overall cheap but it comes with some features than NordVPN.

Unfortunately, TunnelBear does not offers refunds features. So, we will not get money-back guarantees here. You can use a free version and it will be a better option to use free version before purchase the premium featured plan.

Some facts about TunnelBear are:

  • No logging Yes.
  • Jurisdiction Canada
  • Hidden fees & clauses No refunds.
  • Upsells No upsells
  • DNS leaks None.
  • Instant access after payment Yes.
  • Ease of the VPN software The app is quite simple as well as straight-forward.
  • Tunneling Protocols OpenVPN, IPSec, & IKEv2
  • Kill-switch Yes.

As for the payment options. This software allows us to pay through credit cards e.g. American Express, MasterCard and Visa. The TunnelBear only accepts Bitcoin, PayPal. These are the digital type of cryptocurrency that is 100% safe and untraceable.

How to use Tunnelbear?

If you are looking for how to use TunnelBear iOS and iPhone, then this section will help you a lot.

When you are going to log in, then you may see a toggle switch. It is simply on/off button. Simply click on the country’s list that you can easily tunnel.

After choosing the country name, you will move the toggle switch to its on position and then watch the bear dig the tunnel. When the map turns to green, it will indicate your connection. The bear will appear in the tunnel that you selected.

You can easily browse continuously by knowing that the traffic is fully protected by the ferocious bear. You can easily use the TunnelBear iOS device to get a secure internet connection. You can use this software in: Windows, macOS, iOS devices, and Android.

You may also get browser extension for different browsers like Opera, Firefox and Chrome extension. The tunnel bear team always offers limited and reliable support. It is not supported for eReaders/kindle, apple/Android TV and gaming system.

Some Slow Speeds

High-speed connections are very important for VPN Connection. It is normal for someone to experience speed loss while connecting with a VPN as the data has been traveled from one point to another.

One of the major drawbacks of TunnelBear is the slow speed offer by the server. For this review. I tested the servers throughout Canada, United States, and Europe. The test conducted at the speed of 160 Mbps from the physical area in Western Europe.

The result I got was:

  • Switzerland: 39 Mbps. The city was very close to my physical location, but the speed of the network with a VPN was very bad.
  • United Kingdom: 5 Mbps. The server’s speed was not satisfactory in the UK and Europe.
  • United States servers: 5Mbps. The results indicate that the speeds with the TunnelBear were not satisfactory but slow.

TunnelBear Pros

No leaks detected

If you are looking for user-friendly and reliable solid encryption, then this DNS-free VPN is a perfect choice for you. The VPN uses OpenVPN by default. It is also paired strongly with the uncrackable and advanced encryption standard in AES-256 in the market.

The amazing security plan of TunnelBear states that the browsing activity of the user will be fully protected by the bear. Using this cute looking bear, they point out their private concern activity over and over again.

TunnelBear passed out the testing process except for some speed issues. The installation software of TunnelBear VPN always delivers clean, clear and preserved results immediately.

Works on many devices and comes with a free plan

TunnelBear only capped at the 500mb. It offers a free small duration plan that enables you to check the speed of the VPN, It can easily do the speed tests in a few instants.

TunnelBear VPN offers streamlined and easy to use apps for iOS, iPhone, Android, and Window.

If you are looking for wither TunnelBear VPN offers tunnel bear chrome extension or youtube extension, then its good news for you. The VPN offers a Browser extension for opera and chrome. It also comes with a tracker-blocking extension. This extension compliments all of the features and services in detail.

No Logging

To start, TunnelBear offers no-logging policy. The policy of the privacy of the TunnelBear VPN is clear. According to the policy it does not collect or store the following personal information:

  • IP addresses that visit the site
  • DNS queries when connected
  • IP Addresses on the service connection
  • All information related to the services, websites, and applications used by the user while connecting network with TunnelBear.

It is the best news for users who are conscious of privacy issues. TunnelBear will never sell your important data with any 3rd party. The policy of privacy may outline some important information like OS version, email address, name, four-digit of the account number and the amount of the data used by the user. You will get 100% security because they never store the full credit card account number.

Safe and secure

Further proceeding in the Tunnel bear review, we offer you another unique feature of this VPN. The cheap VPN uses industry-standard protocol on Android devices, Mac and Windows. The recommended option of protocol offers by TunnelBear is OpenVPN, Some of the latest version of protocol perfect for iOS versions are IKEv2/IPSec. The old version IPSec is not the recommended option for you from us.

The service offers by the TunnelBear make secure and protective surfing. One of the features offered by TunnelBear VPN is VigilantBear that protects you when you are connecting or disconnecting with the internet. If the data connection drops during your work, then it may possible that some of the data is moving toward an unsecured connection. At that time this Vigilant Bear will help you lot. It acts as a Kill switch and gives you better security choices. It is extremely safe and protective to use.

Attractive features

Some of the great features options offers by TunnelBear are:

  • Kill Switch also called ViligantBear
  • Five simultaneous connections
  • Anonymous IP address.

Some of the websites are known for blocking traffic which appears to have come from the Virtual private network. It is a little bit annoying stage and is stated as the battle between the websites and VPN providers.

Allows TOR and Torennting

TunnelBear used the service that does not allow the users to torrent. The company confirmed that the service allows the user to use the TOR network and torrenting. TOR stands for the “The Onion Router” It is also called Encrypt and private web browser. The users like the proper use of the VPN with the TOR to maximize anonymity. The VPN lets the user use TOR but the one-speed problem still exists.

Responsive customer support

The service offers by the TunnelBear VPN is its responsive customer support. It used an amazing ticketed customer support system. It doesn’t offer any type of Chat option. So, you can use the ticketed system of customer support in case of any problem.

It is one of the best features appreciated by many people in the world.

TunnelBear Cons

Some cons of tunnel bear are:

Speed issue

Some users of TunnelBear VPN reported the excellent download speed. But in my test, the 100Mbps connection drops to 52.26 Mbps when I used European servers. It was a huge drop.

You may always experience some speed issue that is a significant drop and will affect the experience of your browsing. The speed of TunnelBear VPN is much lesser than ExpressVPN and NordVPn.

No installation of the router

TunnelBear VPN does not come with the direct installation of VPN software with the router. If you are considering using a VPN with the router to increase the ease to use and protection, then you may need to find another service provider. TunnelBear does not compatible with Router.

No Netflix

Netflix is not supported by TunnelBear. The support of TunnelBear tells us that most of the users enable to unblock Netflix. But in our test, none of the server providers work perfectly. If you want the best VPN for unblocking Netflix, then NordVPN and PureVPN is a perfect option for you.

Novices Will Love the Bear

TunnelBear is a favorite VPN. In the technical world of protective products, it is cute and simple to use. The company always tries to put the premium features on user experience and design. The window and iPhone version of the TunnelBear VPN is the editor’s choice. iPhone app lacks some of the advance features which impressed window user. But these features are only used by professional users. If you are thinking about the installation of a VPN for non-techie friends or parents, then TunnelBear is the perfect option for you.

For iPhone VPN we recommended you use Keepsolid and NordVPN.

Do TunnelBear recommended or not?

So the question is, Is TunnelBear VPN worth using? The answer is your need for a VPN. If you are only want to have something that protects your privacy whenever you browse something, then you should use complicated options and interfaces to get more delicate and secure surfing.

You may be facing some speed problems too. But this may hinder because of easy to use interface and offering of solid security.

But in a case when you are looking for more security, then we suggest using some other better VPN options.

I was fascinated with the new torrent ability and improved customer service of TunnelBear VPN.


TunnelBear VPN review gives you plenty of information about the features, pros, cons, and pricing in detail. Currently, the use of perfect VPN is necessary for me because I handle much research and journalistic information. I need lots of research to write documents that I used for my company. Internet will never be stolen and hack my social accounts because I use TunnelBear VPN. It is the software that is easy to use and allows us to connect my internet with many IP addresses from all over the world. These features attract me and I always used it in my job.

After reading the Tunnel VPN review and my points of view, you will be able to make your surfing more reliable and secure and used this VPN for your work.

What stats we measured with TunnelBear and why?

Choosing a VPN is never easy, especially when you are a beginner who is about to purchase their very first plan. There are so many providers to choose from!

Based on longterm testing, average download speed when using TunnelBear is Mbit/s. Currently, the size of their network is around servers.

The size of the server network is an important factor as it determines a global availability of the VPN. The bigger the network is, the more reliable the service can be.

The download speed is very important too, especially in today's fast-paced world. If your VPN speed is too slow, many websites or streaming services may not work or the experience will definitely be less comfortable.

Overall Score:

Number of servers:

Av. download speed:



Starting price:

Disclosure: To maintain VPN Garden, we earn a commission when you make a purchase through referral links in this review.